The Cardiac Rehab and Wellness Program of MidState Medical Center

Location: 435 Lewis Avenue in Meriden, CT

AACVPR Certified

Class schedule

Days: Monday / Wednesday / Friday 
Time: 7-8am, 8:30 – 9:30am, 10-11am, 11:30 – 12:30 am, 1:30 – 2:30pmWe offer four exercise classes per day for our outpatient Phase 2 patients on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The classes run hourly between 7am to 11:30am. New patient intakes are done in the afternoon. We have nine aerobic machines including treadmills, NuSteps, recumbent bikes and arm ergometer. The classes start with stretches and continue with weight training with the use of hand weights. A total of additional 30 minutes of aerobic activity is done next and classes conclude with cool-down stretches for a total of 60 minutes of activity. Patients sign in prior to exercise and report on daily home exercise (type and amount), pain rating and location and any change in medications.

Formal education classes are offered every other month. They include Nutrition I & II taught by a dietician, Medication taught by a pharmacist and Stress Management taught by a social worker. There is no charge for these classes. Patients also receive a binder of information with above chapters and also include chapters on Angina & NTG, Cardiac Risk Factors, Anatomy & Physiology and Exercise that are taught by the RNs.

Our telemetry monitoring system is with Cardiac Science. Blood pressures are taken pre, during and post exercise. Diabetics have blood sugars pre and post exercise. Staff includes Registered Nurses and secretary as well as ancillary staff listed above.  The RNs also participate in community lectures, screenings and other activities such as “Go Red”.

Our program is unique in that we have two volunteers that are former graduates of the program. They are a wonderful addition to our staff and offer participants assistance and support that only a former patient can give. We are grateful for all they do!

Please call us if you have any further questions.