Welcome to Connecticut Society of Cardiac Rehabilitation website. We welcome patients and families to look for programs in your area, as you continue you wellness journey we are a dedicated group of professionals that can guide your wellness journey towards completion. Through attendance at one of our programs you will receive education, exercise training and one on one support as you heal and regain your confidence. We are a collaborative group of professionals with special training and certifications to help you heal your “Heart and Soul “. Please consult a program near you so we can assist you in this process, you will be pleasantly surprised with your outcomes! Please view the state wide map of all Cardiac Rehabilitation Program locations. Lastly you can view the Cardiac Rehabilitation video from a recovered Cardiac Rehab participant, his heartfelt words will exemplify the experience you can expect.

Professionals please review the site for current job opportunities, AACVPR updates, legislative updates, quarterly meeting information and membership application. We meet quarterly and offer networking, education and peer support. Best practice from AACVPR is shared among your colleagues. Please consider joining this group of dedicated professionals. There are student membership rates available as well.

We are currently asking all professionals, patients and family members to contact their Congressional and Senate members to support HR 1155 and the US Senate bill has yet to be assigned a new number. By asking for their support of these bills you will be supporting bills to allow Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants and Clinical Nurse Specialists to supervise daily Cardiac Rehabilitation under the guidance of a physician. This will change CMS verbiage and promote increased patient access in inner cities and rural areas too much needed Cardiac Rehabilitation services, there are no additional health care costs with this support.

According to American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Advocacy for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation patients has become even more critical than ever. With the changes in Congress from the recent election, it is particularly important for all AACVPR members to meet with your US Senators and your Member of the US House of Representatives.

Issues that need to be heard and understood by Congressional Members are:

  • Use of nonphysician practitioners for supervision of CR and PR:

    AACVPR will have new bill numbers for this bill shortly to be re-introduced in this first session of the 115th Congress.  Even CMS recognizes the flexibility and financial relief this bill would provide programs as evidenced by the inclusion of this waiver in the CR Incentive Payment Model regulation. Only the statutory language is prohibiting CMS from extending this waiver to all CR and PR programs. With the added support gained in the past year, thanks to help from ACC and AHA, it is realistic to expect this to pass this year.

  • A legislative exemption for CR and PR services located off-campus, addressing severe limitations on expansion of these services mandated by Section 603 of MACRA:

    AACVPR is considering the inclusion of legislative language in the NPP bill that would make an exception for CR and PR located off-campus under certain circumstances. After meeting with CMS, we believe this is the only pathway to ensure access to growing demand for these services.

    This is a patient access issue, so the voices of our CR and PR patients would greatly strengthen this push. Accompanying us to Washington, DC, visits to home offices, and letters to their Congressional Members could go far.



Susan Casso BSN RN

Current President Connecticut Society of Cardiac Rehabilitation